Will there be lockers?

We know our middle school scholars are excited for the independence and responsibility that lockers bring; Yes, there will be lockers at PISOTA.

What are the school’s hours?

7:50 AM - 2:20 PM

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, PISOTA is partnered with the CCPS school district to provide school bus transportation to all scholars who need it. The school district will make bus pickup/drop off locations available to families closer to the start of the school year in August. 

Families may also choose to be car riders.

Will parents/guardians have access to the scholar’s information via ParentVue?

Yes, PISOTA is using Synergy (ParentVue/StudentVue) for day-to-day communications between teachers and families. 

During the school year, families will receive a weekly newsletter from the principal’s office.

We always welcome informal engagement on our social media channels.

What about food services/lunch?

PISOTA is partnered with the school district to offer breakfast and lunch for families. More information about the school district’s lunch program can be found by clicking here.

What security measures are taken at the school?

PISOTA follows all safety and security measures upheld by the CCPS district. For more information about safety and security policies expected of schools within the district, please click here. We also encourage the use of the district’s “See Something, Say Something” process.

At the school level, we prioritize the physical and emotional safety of our scholars. In order for our scholars to be mentally well, they need to feel physically and emotionally safe. Here is what it looks like in action:
  • Scholars, faculty, and staff are required to do monthly safety drills; 
  • A double door entrance vestibule with key card access
  • All visitors must sign in using the district-provided visitor monitoring software; visitors regularly working with children must go through the district’s background check
  • CCTV monitoring around the perimeter of the building
What one might expect at any public school in the district should also be expected at PISOTA. More importantly, with PISOTA being a smaller school, our emphasis on mental health and holistic wellness and the engagement of families is also a critical part of our safety protocol. We are vigilant and constantly reviewing protocols and procedures to ensure compliance and fidelity of implementation.

How do I apply to the school?

For questions related to PISOTA’s enrollment policy, please visit our enrollment webpage, pisota.org/apply

How does registration work? Do my children need to choose their classes?

If your scholar is currently enrolled with Charles County Public Schools (CCPS), then their registration for PISOTA is taken care of by the school district and PISOTA (there is no action needed by families). CCPS will they will transfer all of the scholar’s information over to PISOTA. If the family is new to the district, they must register with the school district and the district will send all information to PISOTA. To register with CCPS, visit the online registration website by clicking here.

Scholars currently within the district have selected the courses they would have taken at their homeschools; PISOTA has received this information from each homeschool so that we may properly assign scholars in classes. If additional information is needed from a family, the school district or a member from the PISOTA crew will get in touch with the family directly.

Does PISOTA have uniforms?

No, PISOTA scholars are not required to wear uniforms. Outside of the required dress for certain arts disciplines (such as dance attire), scholars will wear whatever they choose — within the county dress code.

We encourage our young people to explore their individuality and creativity and develop a sense of personal style, while respecting their fellow scholars and maintaining a positive, uplifting learning environment.

Are there sports teams at PISOTA?

While we won’t have formal teams in our first year, we do expect to have options for students to join school clubs where they can enjoy a variety of activities!