every day



At PISOTA, students will be steeped in our arts curriculum and get access to arts learning in dance, music, acting, visual arts, or museum studies, every day. Students will select a focus area in dance, music, voice, theatre, visual arts, or museum studies and new media.

We believe that art is a vehicle for positive change, progress, responsible expression, and healing

in communities and spaces where people and societies gather. We aim to instill the same beliefs in our students.

Studying the arts allows students to learn about themselves, our world, and ideas in ways that build onto traditional core subjects, like reading, science, and history.

Dance Courses

Ballet I, II, III, IV
Modern I, II, III, IV
Dance Foundations (anatomy)
Male Dance Technique
World Genres (travel component)
Commercial Dance Strand
Classical/Company Dance Strand

Music Courses

Music Theory I, II, III, IV
Musicianship Skills
Large Ensemble
Brass Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Chamber Music
Woodwind Seminar
String Seminar
Private Lessons

Voice Courses

Music Theory I, II, III, IV
Music Literature I, II
Keyboarding I, II
Recital and Auditioning
Contemporary Piano
Private Lessons (Piano, Voice, Guitar)
Diction (Italian, German, French)
Creative Identity and Creative Ensemble/Collaboration
Recording and Production Techniques
Songwriting Theory (Foundations and Lessons)
Genres (jazz, classical, pop, Indigenous, et. al.)

Theatre Courses

Acting I, II, III, IV
Movement & Physical Characterization I, II, III, IV
Voice & Diction I, II, III, IV
Musical Theatre
1:1 Audition Coaching
Theatre History I, II
World Theatre
Acting for Camera
Directing (stage and film)
Stage Management
Classical Acting
Stage Combat (certifications)

Visual Arts Courses

Drawing (and figure) I, II, III
Design I, II, II (2D and 3D)
Digital Art I, II, III
Art History I, II
Ceramics I, II
Painting I, II
Sculpture I, II
Senior Studio

Museum Studies and New Media courses

Art History I, II
Digital Media
Design and Graphic Effects
Interior Design
Gallery Management
Networking Seminar
Cultural Studies
Curatorial Skills
Museum Communications
Creative Writing and Analysis
Archives, Collections, and Exhibits (cataloguing) with electives in education, human development, and corporate marketing