We               and guide our students,                 them with the larger world, and cultivate them to                the global artists, scholars, innovators, and changemakers who will make our local and global community             






At PISOTA, we are bringing an international perspective to everything we teach. 

We believe that when students understand our world, they can make our world better.


used by more than

schools worldwide


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Our core subject curriculum is Cambridge International Curriculum

and recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

What is inquiry-based learning?

PISOTA teachers pose questions, problems, and scenarios that ask students to grapple with new ideas and complex lessons so students engage in civic discourse and investigate various art forms.

Inquiry-based learning, as with project-based and discovery-based learning, are forms of active learning where learning happens through addressing and posing questions, analyzing evidence, connecting evidence to pre-existing knowledge, drawing conclusions, and reflecting on newly learned findings. 

That’s the PISOTA way.


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We’re recruiting incredible people to join our founding team.

We’re assembling a CREW of educators who love youth, teaching, and believe in Wilma Rudolph’s vision:
“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. 
We are all the same in this notion: 
The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

PISOTA offers world-class professional development, a positive adult culture, and we anticipate some really cool perks that you’ll love — we cannot wait to share more!

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